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Selecting which rows of your spreadsheet to use
Edit Recipient List
Figure 6.6
It is possible to use many more selection criteria using the advanced fi ltering
options. You could, for instance, fi lter to include people from more than one city,
or add in everyone with a particular surname, wherever they live, to make sure
none of the relatives are forgotten. The options are mostly selected using
pulldown menus, so it’s not too hard, although the window looks a bit daunting, as
you can see in Figure 6.7.
You choose which fi eld (or spreadsheet column) you want to compare and how
you want to compare it (such as making sure it’s equal or not equal to what you
want), and then type in the information you’d like to compare it with. Figure 6.7
shows how you can fi lter your recipient list so that it shows anyone from London
(City Equal to London), plus anyone from Birmingham (City Equal to
Birmingham), plus anyone with the surname Case (Last Name Equal to Case).
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