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Adding names to your invitation
Figure 6.7
Be careful about whether you choose ‘And’ or ‘Or’, when you fi lter your list.
Only use the ‘And’ option to combine fi lters if you want to make sure both
fi lters are satisfi ed. For example, use ‘And’ if you want people who live in
Birmingham who are also called Case, but want to exclude everyone else
who lives in Birmingham and everyone else called Case. Use ‘Or’ to
combine these fi lters if you want everyone in Birmingham plus everyone
called Case.
Adding names to your invitation
Now that Word knows where to fi nd the data and who to include, we need to
show it where to use this data on our invitation. At the moment, my invitation has
dummy text saying ‘Whoever Youare’ where Word needs to add the fi rst and last
names of the invitee.
Personalising the invitations with the recipients’ names is a simple three-step
1. Select the dummy text for the fi rst name. Remember, you can do this by
clicking on it twice or by clicking at the start of the word and dragging the mouse
to the end. This step is important to preserve the formatting you want on your
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