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Adding conditional content
If you spot anything that needs to be changed on a particular invitation (such as a
spelling mistake in someone’s name), make a note of it so you can edit it later. Don’t
make any changes now because this is just a preview and your edits will be lost.
You can make changes to the formatting, though. If the font is too big for one of
your names to fi t on the invitation, you can select the text and change its size. The
change will apply to all your invitations.
When you’ve fi nished previewing, click the Preview Results button again, and the
merge fi eld codes will return.
Current record number
Previous record
Next record
Jump to first record
Jump to last record
Preview Results
Figure 6.8
The Highlight Merge Fields button on the Mailings ribbon (see Figure 6.9)
will tint your merge fi elds so you can see them easily. For longer documents
with more text in them, this can help you to fi nd these fi elds quickly.
Adding conditional content
We’re not inviting everyone to dinner after the walk, so we need to get Word to
tailor the invitation depending on whether somebody has a ‘Y’ in their ‘Dinner’
column or not. This is also an easy process, although Word won’t preserve the
existing formatting if you overwrite your dummy text. Here are the steps to take:
1. If you have existing dummy text, select it and use CTRL+X to cut it.
2. Position your cursor where you would like the optional text to be added in
your invitation.
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