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Creating your finished invitations
There is an option to create personalised emails, but it will only work if you
have Microsoft Outlook or another compatible email program installed and
have email addresses included in your Excel address book.
You’ll be asked which records you want to merge, and you should leave the
default selection of All. Note that this takes into account the fi lter you applied
earlier, so when it says ‘All’, it only means all those you have previously chosen to
send an invitation to. It’s not going to override your party plans and invite
everyone in the address book.
When you click OK, you’ll see Word rattle through all your records quickly. Word
will then open a new fi le in a new window, which includes all of your invitations.
Page one will be the fi rst invitation, page two will be the second invitation, and so
on. You can save this document so you’ve got a copy in case you need it. Scroll
through the pages to check the invitations look right, and then you can print them
in the normal way (see Chapter 1).
You can also make any edits to individual invitations now. You might want to add
a personal note to one of them (‘Bring your wedding photos’!) or fi x the spelling
on a name (don’t forget to update your address book too). Any change you make
to one page here will have no effect on the other pages.
If you want to make a change to all the invitations in one go, return to your
standard invitation fi le, make the change there, and then click Finish & Merge again.
You’ve got two similar looking fi les open now: the standard invitation you
created, and the personalised invitations that Word just created. If you make
any edits, check the fi lename at the top of the screen to make sure you’re
making the changes on the right one, and use the Windows taskbar to switch
between them.
When you’re happy with your invitations, load the paper, set them to print and
stand well back. The printing might take a while, so you can enjoy a well-earned
tea break, or press ahead with making your mailing labels.
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