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Creating your mailing labels
Figure 6.10
The Label Options window will open, which looks like Figure 6.10. You should be
able to ignore the printer information at the top of this window. A continuous-feed
printer is one where all the sheets of paper are joined together, which nobody uses
at home any more, so the page printer should already be selected.
In this window, you need to tell Word what kind of labels you are using. Usually,
the packaging for the labels will say what type they are. If you’ve lost that, check
the sheet of labels itself. The label type is often written across the back or in tiny
text on the front. Use the pulldown menu in the Label Options window to select
which label vendor you are using. This is the company that makes the label. If you
are using Avery labels, for example (Avery is one of the most popular brands in the
UK), choose Avery A4/A5 to make clear that it’s a sheet of UK-sized paper, or
choose Avery US Letter if you’re in the US.
The product number should also be on the labels and might be described as a
template number. My product number is L7160. Use the scrollbar to fi nd it in the
Product Number list and then click it. Take care with this because there are a lot
of label numbers that look similar. The product numbers are sorted alphabetically,
but there are a lot so it might take a while to fi nd yours.
Because Avery is the most popular label type in the UK, own-brand labels
from stationers often give an Avery template number. In that case, enter the
vendor as Avery and then use the Avery product number provided.
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