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Creating your mailing labels
Ignore the Details and New Label buttons. When you’ve entered the label type,
click OK.
Your page has now been divided up into boxes for each label, and will look
similar to Figure 6.11 (although the boxes will be empty). If you don’t see gridlines to
mark the edges of the labels, go to the Layout ribbon on the far right (not the Page
Layout ribbon) and click View Gridlines.
Now your page is set up to print on labels, you just need to design the labels. After
creating your invitations, this process will feel familiar. If any of it is confusing,
refer back to how we created invitations earlier in this chapter. To design your
labels, take these steps:
1. Go back to the mailing ribbon. Use Select Recipients to link the labels to your
address book.
2. Use Edit Recipients to select only those you are inviting (in my case, Londoners).
If you don’t do this, you will have a label for everyone in your address book.
3. Click on the top left label. You can type whatever you want into this space
and it will be printed on the fi rst label. We want to have our addressee’s
details here, so click on the bottom of the Insert Merge Field button on the
ribbon and insert the <<First_Name>> fi eld, followed by a space and the
4. Lay out the rest of the address by inserting the merge fi elds and pressing Enter
to start a new line. You don’t have to use Shift+Enter this time to avoid a large
gap. Remember you can format the merge fi elds, so if you want the names to
be bold, apply bold formatting where it says <<First_Name>> <<Last_
Name>>. You can see the end result for the fi rst label in Figure 6.11.
5. On the mailings ribbon, click the Update Labels button (shown in Figure
6.11). All the other labels will be updated so that they match the fi rst one, as
shown in Figure 6.11. Word inserts a Rule called <<Next_Record>>, which
stops all the names and addresses being for the same person, but you don’t
have to worry about it. If you make any changes to the fi rst label, press the
Update Labels button again.
6. Click the Preview Results button to check that your labels look okay.
7. Click Finish & Merge and choose Edit Individual Documents. Your labels will
be created in a new fi le.
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