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What else can you do?
Create a set of posters with slightly different wording and a different email
address for the response, so you can test which words are most effective
before you do a larger poster campaign.
Create customised story books for your grandchildren. Start by making a
spreadsheet that contains their names, favourite places, favourite animals,
favourite toys, and so on. Then use Word to write a story that incorporates
these items. Each time you want to mention the animal, for example, insert
the favourite animal merge fi eld. When you merge, you will have a unique
story for each child, featuring all their favourite things. You can change the
story content by updating the spreadsheet and merging again, or you can
reuse the same spreadsheet to fi ll in lots of different stories. The only limit is
your imagination!
Create place settings if you’re having a formal dinner.
Create certifi cates for sports or pub quiz events. You can compare numbers
in merge fi elds in a rule for conditional text, so you could add a ‘Top Scorer’!
section for those scoring more than 90%.
You can create more attractive formatting for your address book, or print it
on personal organiser paper (there’s a template on my website for personal
organiser paper). If you want to put more than one address on a page, click
Rules and then click Next Record. This adds a special code that advances to
the next person. (You should add one before each new address.)
Create personalised newsletters, with sections that change according to the
reader’s interests or age group. You might have a different lead story depending
on whether the person is over or under 55, for example.
If you’ve ever played the card game where you compare statistics on your
themed card with those on your competitor’s, you could use mail merge to
create your own card deck.
Create labels for your Christmas cards.
If you want to perfect your knowledge of where all the different buttons are
on the ribbon, Microsoft has created a game for you. Ribbon Hero
challenges you to use new features and gives you points when you do so. It’s free
to download at www.offi .
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