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Mail merge enables you to insert information automatically from
an Excel spreadsheet into the right places in a Word document.
Put dummy text of an appropriate length into your standard
document to help you to design it.
Check the quality and completeness of your information in Excel
before bringing it into Word.
To bring your Excel spreadsheet information into Word, use Select
Recipients on the Mailings ribbon, even if the spreadsheet isn’t
about people.
Use Edit Recipient List on the Mailings ribbon to change which rows
of your spreadsheet (known as ‘records’ in Word) will be used.
If you’re using advanced fi ltering options, only combine them with
AND if you need all the fi lters to be true at the same time, in order
for that person to be included (eg the person should be called Jones
AND be from London).
If you want either of the fi lters to qualify someone for inclusion, use
OR instead (eg the person should be called Jones OR be from
Whenever you want to add information taken from your
spreadsheet, use Insert Merge Field on the Mailings ribbon to insert a mail
merge code.
You can use as much or as little of the information that is available
in each person’s record as you like.
Click the Preview Results button to test the mail merge.
Don’t make any edits to individual invitations while in Preview
mode. Your changes will be discarded.
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