Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Brain Training
This chapter used multiple applications and introduced some advanced concepts.
How did you get on? Try this quiz to fi nd out.
1. I keep my record collection database
in Excel. I want to use mail merge to
create a more attractive layout for
printing. To bring my music
information into Word, I need to use:
4. If you want to add a personal
greeting to a round-robin letter, you
(a) Type ‘Dear’ and then use Insert
Merge Field to add the fi rst name
(a) Select Recipients
(b) Type ‘Dear <<First_name>>’
(b) Edit Recipient List
(c) Leave it blank and write it on
(c) Open in the Word 2010 backstage
area or behind the Word 2007 Offi ce
(d) Type the greeting for each person
while previewing results
(d) The Rules button
5. To improve the quality of your mail
merge, you can:
2. Each row (or record) represents a
different album. If I only want to
include the albums by Pink Floyd in
my mail merge, I should use:
(a) Check the spreadsheet in Excel
before starting
(a) The Rules button
(b) Preview the results of your mail
(b) Edit Recipient List
(c) Make changes to individual
invitations while previewing results
(c) Insert Merge Field
(d) Sort
(d) Edit your fi nal invitations
3. For the mail merge to work correctly,
information about the same item
should be:
(a) In the same record in Word
(b) In the same fi eld in Word
(c) In the same row in Excel
(d) In the same column in Excel
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