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Chapter 7: Creating a slide show of your holiday photos using PowerPoint
Creating a slide
show of your
holiday photos
using PowerPoint
Equipment needed: Computer (desktop or laptop) running
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (see
Introduction), plus a connection to the Internet to download templates.
Skills needed: Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse (or
trackball). Familiarity with common Microsoft Offi ce components
including the ribbon, selecting text and simple formatting controls
(see Chapter 1).
In the days when all cameras used fi lm, people kept shoeboxes full of photos that
needed sorting out, and stored the negatives in envelopes in places where they
could never fi nd them. A select few photos sometimes made it into an album, but
many of them never saw the light of day again.
Now, thanks to the rise in cheap digital cameras and scanners, most of us keep our
photos on our computers instead. The problem hasn’t improved, however; in fact,
if anything, it has got worse. There’s no easy way to make an album of your best
photos so that you can revisit your favourite memories. Instead, everything is
mixed in together. Not only that, but there’s no convenient way to share your
photos with friends, either.
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