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Starting a new PowerPoint document
Whether you email your fi nished presentation to friends so they can enjoy it at
home, or gather the family around the PC to show it, PowerPoint enables you to
create presentations that people will love to watch. If you have access to a
projector that connects to a computer, perhaps through your U3A group or local
college, you could even show your photos on a giant screen.
Many of the features in PowerPoint are similar to Word and Excel. Like those two
programs, you can start PowerPoint in a number of different ways, but you are
guaranteed to fi nd it in the Start menu (see the tips for starting Word in Chapter 1).
PowerPoint 2010 has a backstage area for saving fi les and PowerPoint 2007 has
the round Offi ce button, which is the same as in Word and Excel.
This is a fairly easy project and to avoid repetition, I’ll assume that you’re happy
with concepts like the ribbon and text formatting, which were introduced in
Chapter 1.
Starting a new PowerPoint document
We’re going to cut the work of creating a PowerPoint presentation by using one of
the templates supplied with Offi ce. The template includes a set of standard slide
designs that you can fi ll with your own content, and probably represents a day or
more of professional design work for your slide show. It’s free, so there’s no reason
not to make the most of it.
For this project, I recommend you use the colourful Contemporary Photo Album
template. For other photo albums, you might want to try the Classic Photo Album,
which is based on charcoal tones that go particularly well with black and white
photographs. There are lots of templates available for non-photo projects too,
some of which are described at the end of this chapter.
The process for starting a new document is slightly different in PowerPoint 2010
and PowerPoint 2007, but is extremely similar to the process used to choose a
Word template in Chapter 2.
In PowerPoint 2010, you’ll need to be connected to the Internet. You don’t need
to use Internet Explorer (or any other browser) because PowerPoint will download
templates from the Internet for you. If you’re using broadband, you’re probably
already connected by default. If not, do whatever you normally do to connect to
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