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Previewing or showing your slide show
To start, click the Slide Show tab to bring its ribbon to the front. On the left of this
ribbon is a group of controls for starting a slide show. Click the From Beginning
button on the left, which is indicated on Figure 7.1.
The fi rst slide will now fi ll the screen. For our Contemporary Photo Album
template, it’s a title slide that has a large picture of a sunfl ower. To move to the next
slide, press the right arrow on the keyboard or any of the other next slide keys
shown in Table 7.1. If you want to go back a slide, press the left arrow key, or any
of the other options in Table 7.1. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the keyboard
controls: you only need to remember one for each action.
Table 7.1 Navigating a PowerPoint slide show
Next slide
N, right arrow, down arrow,
space, Enter, left mouse button
Previous slide
P, left arrow, up arrow,
Black out screen (hide slide show)
White out screen (hide slide show)
When you come to the end of the slide show, the screen will go black with a small
message at the top that confi rms you’re at the end. You can then press the Escape
key to fi nish the slide show. You can also use this key to abort the slide show at
any time.
These are the same controls you would use if you were showing your own slide
show to your friends, and you can use them for testing your slide show during
development and for rehearsing your talk if you’re going to provide a
If you want to start the slide show from a slide you’ve selected (you’ll learn
how to select a slide shortly), start the slide show using the From Current
Slide button.
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