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Deleting a slide
The notes area. This isn’t always shown, but if you want to add notes to your
presentation, just for you, this is where you type them. You can print out your
notes so you can use them as a prompter when you’re talking about your slide
Have a go at clicking on the slides in the navigation pane to move between
them in the editing area.
If the view has got a bit messy, go to the View ribbon and click Normal on the far
left. If you can’t see all of a slide in the editing area, click the Fit to Window button
on the View tab.
Deleting a slide
The fi rst thing I recommend you do is delete all the demonstration slides.
Otherwise, they can get in the way and you can end up with somebody else’s demo
photos in the middle of your photo album.
To delete a slide, you click on it in the navigation pane and then press the Delete
key on the keyboard. You can also right-click on it and then select Delete Slide
from the menu that appears. To delete all the slides at once, click one of the
thumbnails, use CTRL+A to select all of them, and then press the Delete key.
You’re only removing these demonstration slides from this presentation, so they
will still be in the template if you start another presentation using it. As you will
see, you will still be able to make slides that look like these, too. All you’re doing
here is stripping out the dummy content that comes with the template.
If you make a mistake deleting a slide, you can undo it by clicking the Undo
button (shown in Figure 7.1) at the top of the screen or using CTRL+Z.
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