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Adding a new slide
Figure 7.2 shows the New Slide menu. Click the Album Cover slide, and a new
slide is added to your presentation. You can see it in the editing area, and can see
its thumbnail in the navigation pane.
This blank slide, shown in Figure 7.3, has a number of areas you can edit. Most
obviously, you can click the icon in the middle of the picture area to add your
own photo. When you click it, a fi le browser opens, which you use to select the
picture you’d like to go into this space. Your picture will be cropped to fi t the
space available.
If you click on the text box along the bottom or running up the right of the picture,
you can type your own captions into the spaces. If you just want to get rid of the
dummy text but don’t want to provide a caption, just type a space to overwrite the
dummy text.
Figure 7.3
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