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Adding a new slide
It doesn’t matter if you later think of a wittier caption or fi nd a more striking
picture to start the album because you can easily go back and change your content.
To replace a picture, right-click on it and then click Change Picture in the menu
that opens. Note that this will change the picture to have the same shape as the
picture you’re opening, though, which can result in gaps appearing if the new
picture is a different shape to the old one. If you’ve only just added a picture and
want to change it, it’s better to use Undo and then add a picture again because
that will preserve the existing layout.
If you want to change something you’ve typed into a text box, you can click on it
and can then edit it using the same keys as you would in Word or Excel (cursor
keys, Backspace, Delete).
If you like the look of the demonstration presentation, you can also replace
the content in that and use it as it is, without deleting or removing any slides.
It does restrict you to using the template creator’s choice of layouts, though.
To add in your next slide, click the New Slide button again and choose the next
slide layout you’d like to use. Each slide is added after the one you’re working on,
which is selected in the navigation pane. If you’ve gone back to edit an earlier
slide, click on the last slide in the navigation pane to make sure the new slide is
added at the end of the presentation. If you want to insert a slide in the middle of
your presentation, click the one that will go before it, and then add a new slide.
If you make a mistake and insert a slide in the wrong place, you can select it in
the navigation pane and delete, or you can move it to where you want it. To move
a slide:
1. Click its thumbnail in the navigation pane and hold down the left mouse
2. Move your mouse pointer up or down in the navigation pane. A horizontal
line between two slides near your pointer shows where your slide will be
moved to. As you move the mouse, this horizontal line will move too.
3. Release the mouse button when the horizontal line is in the right place. Your
slide will be moved to where the line was.
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