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Adding transitions and animations
You can also apply animations to the different parts of a slide. To do this,
you simply:
1. Click the picture or the text box you want to animate.
2. Go to the Animations ribbon, shown in Figure 7.5.
3. Select one of the animation effects, in the same way as you select a transition.
The effect is previewed on the slide below as you hover over the animation’s
icon, and added to the content when you click it. The effects include fl ying the
content into the screen and fading it in. To remove an effect from a picture or
text box, click it and then click the None animation.
Figure 7.5
Adding transitions and animations in PowerPoint 2007
PowerPoint 2007 has a more limited selection of transitions and animations, but they’re
still an impressive way to move between different parts of your slide show. In
PowerPoint 2007, all the effects are on the same Animations ribbon, shown in Figure 7.6.
Animations pulldown menu
Open all transitions
Figure 7.6
To apply a transition to a slide, you need to:
1. Select the slide by clicking it in the navigation pane.
2. Go to the Animations ribbon, shown in Figure 7.6.
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