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Creating an instant photo album
The only drawback is that it can take a long time if you have a lot of photos to
include. If you’re prepared to compromise on the quality and variety of the design,
though, there is a shortcut you can take which will automate much of the process
for you. To get the most from it, you’ll still need to use the skills you’ve learned in
manipulating slides and adding transitions from the rest of this chapter.
You can create your photo album in under fi ve minutes using this technique.
Give it a go! Use the instructions in the section on previewing your slide
show to see your results.
Most of the work you do to create an instant photo album is compressed into a
single window, so refer to Figure 7.7 as you follow these steps:
1. Start a new blank presentation without using a template (via the backstage
area in PowerPoint 2010 or Offi ce button in PowerPoint 2007). Leave the
empty slide in the presentation for now.
2. Go to the Design ribbon. Here you can fi nd a set of design themes. When you
roll the mouse over them, they will be previewed on your empty slide in the
editing area. Find a theme that you like and remember its name.
3. Go to the Insert ribbon and click Photo Album. A window will open that looks
like Figure 7.7.
4. Click the File/Disk button in the top left (see Figure 7.7 for this and the rest of
the steps). A fi le browser will open, as shown in Figure 7.8. To select several
fi les at the same time, hold down the CTRL key and then click them with the
mouse. Selected fi les have a blue border, shown in Figure 7.8. You can
deselect a fi le by using CTRL+clicking it again, so you can sometimes save time
by using CTRL+A to select all photos and then using CTRL+click on the ones
you don’t want. Click the Insert button indicated on Figure 7.8.
5. In the Picture layout pulldown menu, choose the layout you prefer. You can
have one, two or four pictures to a slide and can choose to include a title for
the slide too.
6. In the Frame shape pulldown menu, choose a frame if you want your pictures
to have one. The same frame will be added to each picture.
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