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Creating an instant photo album
7. Where it says Theme, click the Browse button. A fi le browser will open. Use
it to fi nd and open the theme you chose in Step 2.
8. If you want to have captions on all your pictures, tick the appropriate Picture
Options tickbox.
9. If you want to change the order of any picture, click its fi lename and then use
the move up and move down buttons. The slide numbers beside the fi lenames
show where each new slide starts. To remove a picture, click its fi lename and
then click the Remove button underneath the box of fi lenames.
10. You can add a text box for an extended caption after a photo. To do this, click
the photo’s fi lename and then click the New Text Box button.
11. Click the Create button.
Step 9
Step 4
Step 10
Step 8
Move up/down
Step 5
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Step 7
Step 11
Figure 7.7
That might seem like a lot of work, but it enables you to create a presentation of
100 photos (or more!) in a minute or two. The price you pay is that the slide layout
is more basic and every slide looks the same, but you can then edit the slides once
you’ve got all your images in the presentation.
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