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What else can you do?
The skills you’ve acquired in this project can be used for many other purposes,
Creating slides you can use if you’re leading a class or group, or giving a talk
about your hobby or holiday. In the Presentations category of the templates,
you can fi nd presentations ideal for training or public speaking.
Customising an advent calendar. PowerPoint includes an advent calendar
template (search the templates using the keyword ‘advent’ to fi nd it). It shows
a house with doors on it and you can click one each day to reveal a picture.
There are detailed instructions for customising the pictures, so you could put
photos of your family behind the doors.
Running a quiz. There’s a template (search for ‘quiz’) that shows the question
and provides four question formats, including true or false and multiple
choice. The answer is revealed using some great transition effects, such as
all the incorrect options fading away one by one to leave the right answer on
Turn your computer into a virtual art gallery. If you’re not working on it, why
not use it to display art works, which change every few minutes.
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