Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
PowerPoint documents are created one screenful at a time. Each
screenful is called a slide.
A PowerPoint presentation or slide show is a sequence of slides.
To play a slide show from the start, click the From Beginning button
on the Slide Show ribbon.
You can use the cursor keys (and many others) to move backwards
and forwards through the slide show.
You can also set a timer so that slides advance automatically.
Templates include a set of different slide layouts and some
demonstration slides to showcase them.
Click the New Slide words on the Home ribbon to add one of the
slide layouts from the template you’ve chosen.
Use the navigation pane to select a slide to edit, move or delete.
In PowerPoint 2010, there is a separate ribbon for Transitions and
Animations. In PowerPoint 2007, both are on the Animations
A transition is what happens when one slide moves to the next.
An animation happens to something that is on a slide, such as a
If you have a lot of photos, you can insert a photo album from the
Insert ribbon so you don’t have to add them to your slide show one
at a time.
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