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Do you know a PowerPoint from a plug socket, and a slide from a roundabout? Try
this quick quiz.
1. Each screenful of content in
PowerPoint is called a:
(c) A wipe
(d) A brief power cut
(a) Presentation
4. To see the animations that have been
added to a slide, you can:
(b) Text box
(c) Slide
(a) Select a slide, then play the slide
show from that slide
(d) Transition
(b) Click the slide’s shooting star in the
navigation pane
2. To replace a picture in a
(c) Click the Preview button on the
Animations ribbon
(a) Click on it
(b) Right-click on it and then Change
(d) Hover over the animations
(c) Go to the Insert tab and choose
5. The disadvantage of the Insert photo
album feature is:
(d) Click on it twice
(a) It can’t cope with lots of photos
(b) All the slides look the same
3. During a slide show, one slide fades
away into nothing before another
one fades in. This is:
(c) The design is not as good as using a
(d) You can’t add any text boxes
(a) An animation
(b) A transition
– c Q1
– b Q2
– b Q3
– a, b and c Q4
– b and c Q5
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