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Chapter 8: Keeping a recipe book with OneNote
Keeping a recipe
book with OneNote
Equipment needed: Computer (desktop or laptop) running
Microsoft OneNote 2010 or Microsoft OneNote 2007 (see
Skills needed: Ability to use a computer keyboard and mouse (or
trackball). Familiarity with Word and Excel is helpful, particularly
the ribbon, if you are using OneNote 2010.
As you discovered in the Introduction, the Home and Student edition of Offi ce comes
with Microsoft OneNote. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it; it’s the
most overlooked program in the Offi ce suite, even though it is incredibly useful.
OneNote works like a scrapbook on your computer. You can use it to store all
kinds of information, including text, pictures, screenshots and information from
websites. It’s designed to enable you to capture ideas in lots of different ways, so
that it doesn’t interrupt your train of thought and you can note your ideas as you
have them. That’s why it’s ideal for organising creative projects like a novel or for
storing research, such as information about your holiday destination. In this
project, you’ll learn how to use it to create a recipe scrapbook.
OneNote has much in common with Word and Excel. These have been covered
extensively in the fi rst seven chapters of this topic so, in this chapter, I’m going to
assume that you know how to use them. There are a few differences, however.
Most notably, if you’re using OneNote 2007 it doesn’t feature the ribbon you
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