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Creating a new notebook for your recipes
Creating a new notebook in OneNote 2007
Because there is no ribbon and backstage area in OneNote 2007, the way you
create a new notebook here is a bit different. Here’s how it works:
1. Click File in the menu bar. The File pulldown menu will open, shown in
Figure 8.4.
2. Click New. A menu will open to the right of the pulldown menu, also shown
in Figure 8.4. Choose Notebook from it.
Figure 8.4
3. A new window will open where you enter the options for your new notebook
(see Figure 8.5). Enter ‘Recipes’ as the name for your notebook. Check that the
Blank template is selected. Click the Next button.
4. Select the radio button to say that you will use the notebook on this computer.
Click the Next button.
5. Check where OneNote will store the fi le. In most cases, the default location
will be fi ne and will be where your other notebooks are.
6. Click the Create button.
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