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How OneNote saves your work
Your new recipes notebook is now ready to be fi lled with yummy ideas!
Figure 8.5
There are templates for notebooks in both versions of OneNote, including a
template for research and one for work. They have some sections already set
up for you and include tips on how to use them.
How OneNote saves your work
After all the reminders and nagging in the rest of the topic, I expect you’re having
a Pavlovian response now: ‘I’ve created a fi le, I need to save it! Where’s the Save
button gone’? The short answer is that there isn’t one.
OneNote is one of the few places in Offi ce (and computing generally) where
everything is saved automatically. Whenever you put something into a OneNote
page, OneNote saves the updated notebook for you. That enables your
notetaking to be as smooth as possible. You can make a note, close OneNote and get
back to what you were doing, confi dent that your brainwave has been captured.
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