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Creating the tabs for your notebook
Creating the tabs for your notebook
Whichever version of OneNote you are using, you should now have a blank
notebook in front of you. If you go into other notebooks and want to come back to
your recipe book, you should click it in the list of notebooks on the left (see
Figures 8.1 and 8.2).
As the fi rst step in creating your recipe book, I recommend you add some tabbed
sections to organise the different types of recipes you might have. This will make
it easier to browse your recipes because it will gather similar types together and
will enable you to see more of your recipe pages without scrolling.
The way you add a tabbed section is different in OneNote 2010 and OneNote
2007. In OneNote 2010, you click the empty tab with a star on it (indicated in
Figure 8.1). In OneNote 2007, you click the New Section button on the toolbar,
indicated in Figure 8.2. It just says ‘New’ on it.
When you click either of those, a new tab will be added to your notebook. Your
cursor will be placed in the tab, so that you can type in a name for that section.
When you’ve fi nished typing the name, press the Enter key on the keyboard.
All notebooks have a section called ‘New Section 1’ when they are created. You
can rename a section by right-clicking on its tab and selecting Rename. You can
also right-click on a tab if you want to delete a section.
If you delete a tab, all of the pages within its section will also be deleted.
Don’t delete a tab in this project unless you’re happy to lose all the recipes
underneath it.
I suggest you create four sections for your notebook: starters, main courses,
desserts and cakes. You could create the fi rst one by renaming the ‘New Section 1’
tab, and add new tabs for the others.
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