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Adding your recipes
by clicking on its tab on the right. If the title is ambiguous, you might have to read
a few pages to fi nd what you’re looking for.
At the top of each page is a dotted box with rounded corners (see Figure 8.2). This
is the title box. Click on it, and you will see a cursor appear there, so that you can
type in the name of your recipe. If your title is longer than the box, the box will
expand to fi t your title. Short titles are best, though, because there’s only room for
a few words on the tabs on the right. Make sure you put the important words at
the start of your title. If you write ‘Nana’s Recipe for Dumplings’, it will be shorted
to ‘Nana’s Recipe for Du’, which could be dumplings or duck.
When you enter your title, you’ll see that it appears on that page’s tab on the right
of the screen, so that you can easily fi nd your way back to this page again later.
Adding a table of ingredients
Every good recipe starts with the ingredients so you can make sure that you’ve got
everything before you begin. Nobody likes having to jog to the corner shop to
pick up something they’ve forgotten while the pots are already boiling.
To create the ingredients list, we’re going to use a table that lays out the
information in a simple grid. My recipe has fi ve ingredients, and I want to make it easy to
see the measures at a glance, so I’ll use a table that has two columns (one for the
ingredient and one for the quantity) and fi ve rows (one for each ingredient).
The way you insert a table differs depending on which version of OneNote you
are using.
OneNote 2010: Go to the Insert ribbon and click Table on the left. A menu
will open showing you a grid of empty boxes (see Figure 8.6). As you move
your mouse pointer over this grid, you will see that the boxes to the left and
above it are highlighted. That represents the size and shape of table you want
to insert. If you want a table that is two columns wide by fi ve rows deep, then
put your mouse pointer over the square that is in the second column, fi ve
boxes down. Click the left mouse button to confi rm your table size.
OneNote 2007: Click Table on the menu bar to open the Table menu, and then
choose Insert Table from the pulldown menu. A window will open (see Figure
8.7), inviting you to enter the number of columns and rows you want into two
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