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Adding your recipes
If you remember another ingredient at the last minute, you can easily add another
row. When your cursor is in the last cell in the bottom right of the table, press the
Tab key on the keyboard and a new row will appear. There are options for adding
and deleting rows, which you can fi nd by right-clicking on the table and then
choosing Table on the menu that appears. In OneNote 2010, there is also a Table
Tools Layout ribbon that offers easier access to these options. It appears when you
are editing your table (see Figure 8.8).
You can also use the cursor keys to move around the cells. The up and down
cursor keys take you to the cell above or below. The left and right keys will move your
text cursor through the words you are editing, and will then move you to the next
cell to the left or right when you reach the end of the current cell’s content.
Don’t worry about the size of the cells. They start off tiny, but they expand as you
type more information into them. OneNote will resize the table automatically as
you type into it, to try to keep it easy to read.
Figure 8.8 shows my recipe page so far, with the ingredients table at the top of it.
Figure 8.8
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