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Adding your recipes
There is a table feature in Word and PowerPoint too, and it works in a similar
way to the OneNote 2010 tables. If you like this way of presenting
information, why not try it in Word too?
Adding your recipe content
Now we have listed our ingredients, we need to add the magic instructions that
turn them into something delicious.
OneNote will let you type information anywhere you want on the page. Place
your mouse cursor somewhere, click and start typing. It’s as easy as that. As in
Word, when you reach the right side of the screen, OneNote will move you to the
start of the next line. To force the cursor to move to a new line now, press the Enter
key. Unlike Word, you’ll need to press it twice if you want to have a clear space
between the paragraphs.
You can use many of the same basic formatting options that you know from Word.
You can change the font and text size; use bold, italic or underlined text; add
bullet points, change text colours; and indent paragraphs. In OneNote 2010, you’ll
fi nd these options in the Basic Text group of the Home ribbon. In OneNote 2007,
the formatting controls are on the toolbar and are shown in Figure 8.2. If you’ve
learned keyboard shortcuts for formatting text in Word, such as CTRL+B for bold
text, they will also work here.
There are cut, copy and paste options, as you might expect. In OneNote 2010,
these are on the Home ribbon. In OneNote 2007, click Edit on the menu bar (see
Figure 8.2) to fi nd them. The CTRL+X (cut), CTRL+C (copy), and CTRL+V (paste)
shortcuts also work, and there are icons on the toolbar (see Figure 8.2).
Sometimes you’ll want to adapt recipes, which might mean changing the
quantities of ingredients. OneNote includes a simple calculator. If you enter a sum
followed by the equals sign and a space (such as 320*5= ), OneNote will insert the
answer for you. You can delete the sum part and leave just the answer on screen
if you want, or keep all of it. OneNote can’t do advanced formulae like Excel can,
but this handy feature can save you messing around with a calculator.
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