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Adding your recipes
Get the equals sign in the right place. In Excel, it goes at the start. In
OneNote, it goes at the end.
Inserting pictures into your page
If you’ve taken some pictures of the fi nished meal or of the ingredients from the
allotment, as I have, why not add them to your recipe book? In OneNote 2010, go to the
Insert ribbon and click Picture. In OneNote 2007, click Insert on the menu bar, then
click Pictures and choose From Files. Whichever version you are using, you can then
browse through the fi les on your computer and choose a picture to insert.
The picture will be inserted into your page at full size, which is likely to be too
large to be useful. Like pictures in Word, there are resizing controls on the side
and in the corners, which you can use to shrink the image (see Figure 2.5 in
Chapter 2). In OneNote 2010, just click the picture to make the resizing controls
appear. OneNote 2007 is a little trickier: you need to put your mouse pointer over
the image and then click on the dotted line that appears around it. The resizing
controls will then appear and you can use them in the usual way.
In OneNote 2010, you can move a picture by clicking on it, holding down the
mouse button and then moving the mouse. In OneNote 2007, you’ll need to put
your mouse pointer over the dotted line around the edge of the picture so that the
pointer turns into a four-headed cursor. You can then click, hold down the mouse
button, and move the mouse to reposition the image.
If it looks like your recipe has vanished, don’t panic – it’s probably just been
pushed off the bottom of the screen. Inserting a large picture can force your other
content to be bumped around the page to make room, but I’ll show you how you
can move things to where they belong.
Moving your content around the page
When you add text or tables in OneNote, they go into a box, which is a bit like a
text box in Word. As you type into the box, you can see its edges, as you can see
for my recipe instructions in Figure 8.9. When you fi nish editing in that box, its
outline disappears.
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