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Adding your recipes
Figure 8.9
To move a box of content, fi rst click on it to make its borders appear. The thick
border along the top is like a handle that you can use to pick up the box and move
it around. To use it, just put the mouse pointer over this border so that the pointer
turns into a four-headed cursor. Click the left mouse button and keep it held
down. As you move the mouse, the box will follow, so you can position it where
you want it. When you release the mouse button, the box will drop into place.
If you want to change the width of a box, click on its right border and keep the
mouse button held down. Move the mouse left or right, and the box will stretch
or shrink accordingly. Take care not to make boxes too wide. OneNote will keep
them to a width that will print okay on an A4 page, but if you make the boxes
wider or add content to the right of where they normally end, your recipes might
spill over onto more than one page widthways.
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