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Capturing recipes from the Internet
Another technique is to insert a screen clipping. This is like taking a photo of
part of the screen. First, click Internet Explorer. Then click OneNote and use the
Insert ribbon (in OneNote 2010) or Insert menu (in OneNote 2007) to insert a
Screen Clipping. OneNote will disappear from view, and the Internet Explorer
screen underneath it will be tinted white. Click in the top left corner of where
you’d like to start your clipping, hold down the mouse button and move the
mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the area you want to ‘grab’. On
screen, it will appear in non-tinted colours so you can easily see what you’re
selecting. When you release the mouse button, OneNote will insert a picture of
the part of the screen that you selected. This option won’t let you edit the text in
OneNote, and you’re limited to grabbing one screenful at a time.
Open print menu
Send to OneNote
Reproduced by permission of Eliza James,
Figure 8.10
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