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Searching your recipes by ingredient
You can change the order of pages within a section. Click a page’s tab on the
right, hold down the mouse button and move the mouse up or down. When
you release the mouse button, the page will be moved to where your mouse
pointer is in the pages list.
Searching your recipes by ingredient
If you want to make creative use of leftovers, or need to whip up something
impressive from the meagre remains of the larder at the end of the week, you can
search your recipe book for ideas. OneNote is smart enough to search for text
inside pictures, too, so it can fi nd your chosen words in screen clippings and
printed pages, as well as in editable text.
The search box is at the top right of the screen, underneath the ribbon or toolbar.
It’s indicated for OneNote 2007 in Figure 8.12 and has a similar look and location
in OneNote 2010.
Click on the search box, type in the name of your spare ingredient – in this
example, courgettes – and press Enter. OneNote will fi nd every recipe containing
courgettes, and will also highlight every time courgettes are mentioned in those
recipes. In OneNote 2007, you are taken to your fi rst search result (in this case,
ratatouille) and the search box is replaced with controls to move through the
results (see Figure 8.13). Use the arrows to work your way through each mention
of the search term in each recipe. Any pages containing your ingredient will have
their tabs highlighted on the right-hand side of the page, as well. Click View List
to see a list of pages containing your ingredient, and click the Close button to
cancel the search results.
In OneNote 2010, when you search, a menu opens showing you all the pages that
include that search term. Click a page to visit it.
Printing recipes
Computers are great, but in the kitchen you need something that can get
splattered with batter without upsetting anyone. You can print any of your recipe pages,
but there are a few differences to Word.
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