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What else can you do?
The formatting options in OneNote are a bit limited, so if you want to do
something fancier, you can format your recipe in Word before printing it. In Offi ce
2010, go to the backstage area, click Send and then click Send to Word. In Offi ce
2007, click the File menu, click ‘Send to’ and then choose Word. The recipe will
open in a new document in Word. From there, you can edit and format it as you
would any other Word document. You could even incorporate it into your
newsletter (see Chapter 3) or a letter to a friend (see Chapter 1).
Remember that Word doesn’t automatically save all your work in the way
that OneNote does, so don’t forget to save it.
What else can you do?
OneNote is an extremely versatile tool for collecting and organising information
and ideas. Here are some other ways you can use it:
Organise your holiday research. You can gather together maps, fl fight itineraries,
your Excel budget and more, and keep them all in a single notebook.
Keep scrapbooks of your hobbies, such as train spotting. You can combine your
own photos, relevant webpages and your own notes, and keep them all in one
place. You can search the text inside photos too, so if you’ve photographed
trains that have a name on the side, you can quickly fi nd them.
Plan your novel. One person I know has a notebook with separate tabs for
plot, characters, locations, chapters, research and background information.
He drags the chapter outlines around the page to restructure the story.
Plan a wedding or other major celebration, keeping information from all the
different suppliers in one place.
Keep a Christmas shopping list. You can store the details of the gifts you would
like to buy, including where you can buy them. If you want to password
protect a section of your notebook, right-click its tab and choose Password
Protect This Section.
Keep a collection of interesting cuttings from the Internet. Unlike when you
add a page to your browser Favorites, you’ll have the information saved even
if the website shuts down.
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