Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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OneNote is a like a scrapbook on your computer.
Each notebook is divided into tabbed sections that contain your
A OneNote page can be much bigger than a sheet of paper.
Your notebooks are listed on the left, the tabs for sections run along
the top, and the tabs for individual pages are on the right.
OneNote 2010 has a ribbon, while OneNote 2007 uses a menu bar
You automatically have a work notebook and a personal notebook,
but it’s a good idea to create a new notebook for each new
OneNote saves your work automatically, so make sure you undo
any edits you don’t want to be saved.
Make each page specifi c to one subject, such as one recipe. It’s
easier to navigate lots of short pages than it is to fi nd something in
a few long ones.
Use short, descriptive names for your page titles.
You can insert a table to lay out information such as ingredients.
The table feature is also available in Word and PowerPoint.
You can type content and insert pictures anywhere you want on a
OneNote page.
To get OneNote to calculate a sum for you, put an equals sign after it.
To move a box of content, click its top border and drag it with
the mouse.
To change a box’s width, click its right border and drag it left or right.
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