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I hope I’ve convinced you that OneNote is a valuable addition to the Offi ce suite.
Let’s see how much you can remember with a quick quiz.
1. OneNote is different to all the other
Offi ce applications because:
(c) Outline schedule for planting seeds
(d) Untitled
(a) It doesn’t use the ribbon
4. To ensure your recipes print well,
you could:
(b) It enables you to make tables
(c) It saves everything automatically
(a) Avoid placing content too far to the
(d) You can search your fi les
(b) Use the ‘Scale to width’ feature in
Print Preview
2. The tabs at the top of the current
page show you:
(c) Tidy it up in Word before printing
(a) All your notebooks
(d) Print it using Internet Explorer
(b) All the pages in your current section
(c) All the sections in your current
5. To add content from Word into
OneNote, you could:
(d) All the subpages on the current page
(a) Copy the content in Word and then
paste it into a OneNote page
3. A good page title would be:
(b) Use the Printer options in Word to
‘Send to OneNote’
(a) Rough notes for upcoming project on
(c) Right-click and use the ‘Send to
OneNote’ option
(b) Seed planting dates
(d) Open a Word fi le in OneNote
– a (if you use OneNote 2007) and c are true. Other applications also offer tables Q1
and a ‘Find’ or search feature.
– c Q2
– b Q3
– a, b and c – a and b (c only works in Internet Explorer) Q5
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