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What is email?
There are lots of other cheap or free email programs available, but it isn’t
possible to cover them all here. If you’re already using email happily, you
can stick with your current email program and email address without a
problem. Skip ahead to Emailing your Microsoft Offi ce fi les, later in this chapter.
You will need a connection to the Internet, for which you will have to pay a
subscription. You can often get an Internet connection from the company that
provides your phone line or cable/satellite TV subscription. You might be able to save
money by shopping around, though. In this chapter, I’m going to assume that you
already have a working Internet connection.
I’m also going to assume that you already understand the basics of using a web
browser to view webpages on the Internet. If you don’t already know how to do
this, why not invite a web-savvy friend around for tea and biscuits? It doesn’t take
long to learn to use the web, and it unlocks a whole world of knowledge,
entertainment and communication.
There is a tutorial on this in an appendix to Social Networking for the Older and
Wiser and you can fi nd it on my website. You can also fi nd all the links contained
in this topic at , to save you having to type them in.
What is email?
Email is short for electronic mail, and it’s like a computer version of the real-world
postal service.
In the real world, you write your letter, maybe attach a photo or newspaper
clipping you think the recipient might like, pop it all in an envelope, write
the address on the front of the envelope, attach a stamp and then stick it in
the pillar box. The postal service collects your letter and delivers it, using a
combination of bikes, little red vans, and black and white cats.
When using email, you write your message, perhaps attach some Offi ce fi les
that you want to send at the same time, type in the recipient’s email address,
and then click Send. Your email provider takes your message and delivers it,
using a combination of computers and wires, all over the world.
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