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Setting up email on your PC
To be able to send and receive email messages, you need to have an email address.
This is like your postal address: it’s where your messages are delivered to. You will
probably get one or more email addresses free with your Internet connection, but
I’ll show you how to register for a free Hotmail email address.
Setting up email on your PC
Hotmail is a free email service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail takes care of
delivering your messages, and gives you a place to have yours delivered to. It also
enables you to read and write emails using a website at The
advantage of this is that you can read and send emails anywhere you can get an
Internet connection, from the local library to a campsite Internet café in France.
The Hotmail website is not as easy to use as proper email software on your
computer, though, so I’m going to show you how to use a free email program called
Windows Live Mail to read your Hotmail emails.
The names can get a bit confusing, but you don’t have to worry about them too
much. In short: Hotmail is your postal service; Windows Live Mail is how you will
read and write messages.
When it launched, Hotmail was originally capitalised as HoTMaiL. That’s
because HTML is the code used to build webpages, and Hotmail was the
fi rst service to enable you to send and receive emails using a webpage.
Creating your Hotmail account
The fi rst step is to sign up with Hotmail. This is the process of registering your
details with Hotmail so that it can create an email address for you. It won’t cost
you anything and you can sign up in under half an hour (perhaps in just a few
minutes if you type quickly!).
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