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Setting up email on your PC
4. You now see the registration form, which looks like Figure 9.1.
5. You need to invent the fi rst half of your email address. It will end with or, depending on which you choose. Every email
address must be unique, and with over 280 million people already registered
at Hotmail, you will be extremely lucky to get your fi rst choice. Enter your
name or something similar and then click Check availability. If someone’s
already snaffl ed your preferred name, Hotmail will suggest some alternatives
you could use, or you could try typing in something else. It doesn’t have to be
your name: you could use your favourite band or TV show for inspiration.
6. You need to create a password. This ensures that only you can use your email
address, so make sure it’s secure. Your password must be between seven and
16 characters long. To make it harder for someone else to get into your
account, don’t use words in the dictionary or common names. Use a
combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Hotmail won’t show you what you
type on screen, in case somebody reads it over your shoulder, so you must
type it into two boxes to check you’ve entered it correctly.
A good way to create a secure but memorable password is to use the initial
letters from a line of a song, and add the year it was released in numbers to
the end.
7. If you have another email address, you can provide it here. This allows you to
recover your Hotmail email address if you ever forget your password.
Otherwise, click the link to choose a security question. You can then enter your
mother’s maiden name, your grandfather’s job or the name of your best friend
at school (among other things). These questions are used to let you back into
Hotmail if you lose your password, so make sure they are as unguessable as
your password but absolutely memorable to you.
8. Enter your personal details. Your name will appear as the person your email
messages come from. You’re also asked your country, postcode, gender and
birth year. You have to complete these boxes. If you don’t want to tell
Microsoft this information and decide to fi b, then make sure you remember what
you enter. Microsoft might use this information to identify you if you lose your
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