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Setting up email on your PC
9. The last step feels like something from the Krypton Factor. You have to
decipher some text on the screen or a muffl ed audio recording to prove that you’re
a real person. This can be a bit diffi cult and it might take a few goes before you
get it right (it usually does for me).
10. You can click the links to read the service agreement and privacy statement if
you want to, but there’s unlikely to be anything scary in there. To create your
account, click the button to say that you accept them.
When you fi nish, you will see the Hotmail website. You can use this to send, receive
and read emails, and you can use your new email address and password to log in
from anywhere in the world to do this (just visit to start).
However, I’ll show you how you can send emails using software on your
computer at home.
Installing Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail is a program for your computer that enables you to write and
read emails. Using this program, your emails are stored on your PC, so you can
read them even when you’re not connected to the Internet. You can even write
messages when you’re not connected to the Internet and get the program to send
them when you next connect. If you have other email addresses, such as
Googlemail (Gmail) or Yahoo addresses, you can use Windows Live Mail to access them
all in one place.
To get Windows Live Mail on your computer, you need to download the software
from the offi cial Microsoft website and then install it on your computer.
To install Windows Live Mail, follow these steps:
1. Open your web browser and go to the website
2. Click the button to Download now.
3. When you are asked if you want to Run, Save or Cancel the download,
click Save.
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