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Setting up email on your PC
4. When the fi le browser opens, choose somewhere to save the program. I
recommend you put it on the desktop. The program will then download to your
computer. You’ll have time for a sip of tea or a whole cup, depending on how
fast your Internet connection is.
5. Go to where you saved the program. The program is called wlsetup-web.exe.
You can hold down the Windows key on the keyboard and tap D to go to the
desktop quickly.
6. Double-click on wlsetup-web.exe. Depending on the version of Windows
you are using, you might see a warning message. To protect your computer
and data, it’s usually not a good idea to install programs from the Internet. But
this one has been downloaded from an offi cial Microsoft website, so it’s safe.
Click the buttons to confi rm that you do want to allow the program to make
changes to your computer if asked, and/or that you’re happy to run it.
7. The installation program will start, as shown in Figure 9.2. Windows Live also
has programs for chatting with people in real time (Messenger), managing
your photos (Photo Gallery), publishing on the Internet (Writer), protecting
children on the Internet (Family Safety), and watching animations in websites
(Silverlight). There is also a Toolbar for Internet Explorer that provides easy
access to your email and Microsoft’s Bing search engine. They’re all free, so
you can choose to install as many as you want. If you don’t want any of these
programs, untick the box beside its name. For our purposes, the important
thing is to make sure the box beside Mail is ticked (see Figure 9.2) to confi rm
you want to install that.
8. Click where indicated in Figure 9.2 to install the software.
9. Windows might need to close some programs before the installation can
continue. If so, make sure that you save your work. Then select the radio button
to close the programs and click Continue.
10. The program you downloaded initially is only used to set up your software.
When it starts to do its work, it downloads the actual programs you need from
the Internet and installs them. This will take some time (perhaps 15 minutes or
more, even if you have a fast Internet connection), but don’t feel you have to
sit there watching it. Put the kettle on.
11. You will be shown an options screen (see Figure 9.3), which invites you to set
your default search engine in your web browser to be Microsoft’s Bing and to
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