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Reading your emails in Windows Live Mail
if you had to compromise on your Hotmail email address and ended up with
something that’s not close to your real name.
You can ignore the box that says ‘Manually confi gure server settings’.
When you click Next, you should see a message confi rming that you’ve
successfully entered the information required, and can then click Finish to close
the window.
Before it can download your email, Windows Live Mail needs to download the
folders that are used to organise the email. It will ask you to click a Download
button to confi rm you’re happy to do that. Once you do that, the folders and any
emails you have will be downloaded.
If you have a Yahoo or Googlemail account, you can use these same steps to
add them to Windows Live Mail too.
Reading your emails in Windows Live Mail
An email address without any email is a bit like a party with no guests, but luckily
Microsoft sends you a few messages when you set up your Hotmail account to
stop you feeling lonely. These download to your computer once you’ve fi nished
setting up Windows Live Mail. The program will download your latest messages
whenever you start it in future, and will check for new messages every half hour.
If you’re using a dial-up connection, you don’t need to be connected all the time
you’re using Windows Live Mail. You only need to be connected when you are
downloading emails or sending them. If you click the Sync button on the menu
bar at the top of the screen when you do connect (see Figure 9.5), your emails will
then be sent and delivered.
Figure 9.5 shows the Windows Live Mail screen.
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