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Reading your emails in Windows Live Mail
The Junk email folder stores emails sent to you that Hotmail thinks might be
unwanted advertising, also known as ‘spam’. Spam is unavoidable, but the
junk email folder minimises the intrusion it causes. It’s worth checking from
time to time that genuine messages haven’t been diverted here by mistake.
The Deleted items folder is like the recycle bin in Windows. It’s where emails
go when you delete them. They aren’t actually wiped from your computer
unless you delete them from the Deleted items folder.
The Outbox is where your outgoing emails wait until they are sent.
You can click on any of these folders to see the messages in it. Most of the time,
you will be looking at your Inbox.
If you can’t fi nd your recent incoming messages, make sure you have clicked
the Inbox.
The middle column of the screen shows you the messages in the current folder.
For each message, you can see who sent it (Windows Live Team for most of mine
in Figure 9.5), the date it was sent (on the right), and the subject of the email
(underneath the sender name). If a message is unread, its sender and subject will
be in bold text.
Click a message to select it, and you can see it appears rapidly in the preview
pane on the right. If you double-click the message, it will open in a new window
so that you can read it clearly.
Figure 9.6 shows what an open message containing a couple of photos looks like.
Use the scrollbar on the right to see the whole message.
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