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Replying to emails and sending new emails
Show images: You are only likely to see this in emails sent by companies,
rather than friends. (It doesn’t appear in Figure 9.6.) Businesses sometimes
use a special way to put images into their messages, which enables them
to tell whether you viewed their message or not. Click Show images if you
don’t mind the sender knowing you’ve read their email. Never click Show
images in junk emails, because then the senders will know your email address
works and will send you more junk. The preview pane in Figure 9.5 has lots
of broken images (indicated by a red cross) because the email is from an
unknown sender and Windows Live Mail has blocked the images to protect
my privacy, at least until I decide to Show Images.
Replying to emails and sending new emails
If you want to send an email, there are several different ways you can do it. When
you are reading a message or when you are viewing it in the preview pane, you
can click the Reply button (see Figures 9.6 and 9.5). If the message was sent to
other people as well as you, you can reply to everybody at the same time by
clicking the Reply all button. If you want to forward the message to somebody new,
click the Forward button. To start a new message from scratch, click the New
button (see Figure 9.5).
If you reply to a message or forward it, your new email will automatically include
the original message as well, so you can add your comments at the top. If you
reply, any attached photos will be removed, however. (There’s not much point
sending fi les straight back where they came from.) When you reply, the email
addresses of recipients are fi lled in for you automatically.
If you start a new email from scratch, however, a new window will open in which
you can compose it.
Composing your email
The window for composing an email looks like Figure 9.7. To send a message, all
you need to provide is the email address of the recipient, the subject, and the
message itself.
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