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Emailing your Microsoft Office files
It’s easy to create a new fi le version. You don’t need to do this at all if you’re
sending someone an Offi ce 2010 or Offi ce 2007 fi le, because you can just send them the
same fi le you use. Otherwise, you use a feature called Save As. This will save a new
copy of the fi le on your computer, and this new copy can use a different fi le type.
In the 2007 versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there is a shortcut you can
use to create PDF and Offi ce 97-2003 fi les. Open your fi le in Offi ce and then
click the Offi ce button. Hover the mouse pointer over Save As for a moment and
you’ll see some options appear on the right (see Figure 9.8). You can then click
one of these for the fi le type you want to use, and can skip Steps 1 to 3 below.
Figure 9.8
If you’re not using Offi ce 2007, you have to follow these fi ve steps:
1. Open the fi le in Offi ce.
2. In the backstage area, click Save as.
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