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Emailing your Microsoft Office files
3. Click where it says Save as type (see Figure 9.9) and choose your fi le type from
the pulldown menu. There are many more than the main ones listed above,
but they’re in alphabetical order so it shouldn’t take long to fi nd what you
need. If you are saving your fi le as a PDF, click Options. The PDF fi le format
is a bit like a printout in a fi le, so these settings are similar to your printer
options. If you’re happy with what you see or you don’t understand any of the
settings, the defaults are usually fi ne. Figure 9.9 shows the PDF options for
4. Enter the fi lename and choose where you would like to save the fi le in the
usual way.
5. Click the Save button (see Figure 9.9). If you used the shortcut in Offi ce 2007
to Save As PDF, the button will say Publish instead.
Save as type
Figure 9.9
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