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Emailing your Microsoft Office files
In Word and PowerPoint, there is a tool to compress pictures, so that your
fi le sizes are smaller. Click a picture and you’ll fi nd it on the Picture Tools
Format ribbon, in the Adjust group on the left.
Attachments on this message
Figure 9.10
While using Offi ce, you might come across features to send fi les from within
Word, Excel and PowerPoint, but they don’t work with Windows Live Mail. They
do work with Outlook and with some other free email programs (including Mozilla
Thunderbird) but these programs can be diffi cult to set up, which is why I’ve
plumped for Windows Live Mail.
The approach described here using Save As will work for any email program you
use (and even for web-based email services, such as Gmail), but you will need to
change how you attach fi les if you’re not using Windows Live Mail.
Now you can share your wonderful Word documents, exciting Excel spreadsheets
and powerful PowerPoint slide shows with friends everywhere.
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