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What else can you do?
What else can you do?
Using the ideas introduced in this chapter, you can:
Use the Hotmail website to send a message home from your holiday. How
often have you arrived home before your postcards? An instant email might
have more impact.
Email your record collection in Excel to your friends so they can highlight
anything they want to swap with you and email it back.
Distribute the newsletter you created in Chapter 3 as a PDF by email. Put the
recipients into the Bcc fi eld to keep your subscriber list private.
Share your holiday budget plans with the rest of your party. You could email
the fi les to them and ask them to email them back to you with their edits.
Email is short for electronic mail.
To send somebody an email, you need to know their email address.
Every email address is unique and must have no spaces, one @ sign
and at least one full stop after that.
You can get a free email address from Hotmail.
Although you can send and receive emails on the Hotmail website
from anywhere, it’s more convenient to use an email program such
as Windows Live Mail when you’re using your home computer.
You can use Windows Live Mail to manage all your email accounts
in one place.
Don’t forget to check your junk mail folder from time to time in
case real messages have ended up there by mistake.
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