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How did you get on with using email to share your documents? Find out in the
fi nal quiz of this topic.
1. It’s okay to email an attachment
that is:
4. If you get unwanted email from
someone you don’t want to hear
from again, you should:
(a) 30GB
(a) Delete the email
(b) 30MB
(b) Block the sender
(c) 30KB
(c) Show images
2. Which of these is a valid email
(d) Allow sender
5. You want a friend to print off a
poster advertising the village fete,
and put it up around town. He’s got
Offi ce 2000. What fi le should you
send him?
(c) snoaw9@gmail
(d) snoaw9@gmailcom
(a) Word Document (.docx)
3. A good subject line might be:
(b) Word 97-2003 Document (.doc)
(a) Hello
(c) PDF
(b) Meeting up
(c) Planning the Olympics party
(d) Stuff
– c Q1
– b Q2
– c (and possibly b if you don’t often meet up) Q3
– b Q4
– c (a PDF will preserve the poster design the best; Q5
b might work, but you’d need to reopen it to check
whether you lost anything important in the conversion)
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