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Appendix A: Using keyboard shortcuts
Appendix: Using
keyboard shortcuts
Microsoft Offi ce includes a number of shortcuts to make it easier to use,
particularly for those who cannot comfortably use a mouse. You can access all of the
ribbon features by holding down the Alt key for a second or pressing F10. Letters
will then appear on all the controls on the ribbon (see Figure A.1) and you can
press the appropriate letter key to access that feature.
Figure A.1
If you press Alt to activate the keyboard controls, you can also use the left and
right cursor keys to move through the tabs, and the up and down and left and right
cursor keys to move around the different controls. When you open a pulldown
menu, you can move up and down it using the cursor keys. When you have
selected the control you need, press the Enter key to action it.
Sometimes you might activate the keyboard controls on the ribbon
unintentionally by holding down Alt for too long. If that happens, just tap the Esc key.
In OneNote 2007, you can open the pulldown menus by holding down the Alt
key and pressing the letter that is underlined on the menu (see Figure A.2). To
open the File menu, for example, you hold down Alt and then press F.
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