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Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix: Glossary
animation In PowerPoint, animations are special effects that are used to display
parts of a slide, such as fading in a text box or a picture.
application A piece of software (or instructions) for the computer that enables it
to achieve a set of related tasks. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are
all applications. It’s also sometimes called a ‘program’.
attachment A fi le that has been added to an email so it can be sent over the
backstage area In Offi ce 2010, the backstage area is behind the File tab and
provides access to the functions used for saving, opening, closing, printing
and sharing documents.
backup A spare copy of a fi le kept somewhere safe in case something happens
to the original fi le. It’s important to make a backup of your fi les so that you
don’t lose your data.
border A border around an object, such as a text box or picture, is a visible line
that is added to improve its appearance.
broadband A fast connection to the Internet, which is permanently switched on
so you can quickly view webpages, and download email, music or video.
button An area on the screen that you can click to make something happen.
Buttons usually have a word or an icon on them. There are also mouse
buttons, which are physical buttons you press on your mouse.
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